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All Who Wander

When they hit the road, they found themselves!

In early 2020 everything changed for millions of people across the world. When two old friends, Mark and Josh, saw their partners Marina and Madeline loose their serving jobs as restaurants began to close around the country, they all came together and formed a plan. Tired of paying rent on a homes they would never own and given the new opportunity to choose a remote lifestyle - the four of them took to the open road. Two different approaches created "The Wander Box", a custom built box truck, and "Big Booty Judy", a fabulously purple RV. All Who Wander shows a parallel sub-culture to the events of 2020-2021, one in which a diverse and intelligent community of nomadic wanderers work in harmony and support of one another. In the course of their first year on the road, our four adventures take us all over the United States to National Parks, forests, deserts, and everywhere in between. From stuck in the sand to the most beautiful mountaintops, they learn to see the world through a different lens - one that allows them to discover themselves and what it means to truly be free. Magical encounters with the most amazing cast of characters each teach them the meaning of life. From high points to low points this lifestyle isn't for everyone, but for those brave enough to wander, it is a journey they will never forget.


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