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Our Story:


Since our inception in 1990, Koan has woven itself into the rich tapestry of global sales, film finance, and production enterprises in the heart of the entertainment industry. Our journey is more than a timeline; it's a story of passion and dedication. Koan embraces its diverse catalogue, a collection that includes celebrated action, romance, thrillers, family, and faith-based films, complemented by documentaries that leave a lasting impression. This expansive repertoire is a heartfelt endeavor, carefully curated to touch the hearts and excite the minds of a worldwide audience that spans every corner of the globe.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Koan radiates quality that resonates in every corner of major film festivals and markets. Our wonderful team, with direct connections to buyers across the globe, navigates these events with a genuine passion, ensuring that each production receives the attention it deserves. It's not just about business for us; it's about creating meaningful connections and fostering success in the vibrant and competitive realm of the entertainment industry. At Koan, our passion is not just in our films, but in every relationship we build and every story we share.



30 years distributing content worldwide. We know how to sell and we pay you. 

We attend the main markets.  



Because we talk directly to the buyers of the world, we know what sells best. Ask us and we will tell you so you can make successful content. 

Producers Reviews

"Koan is honest straightforward and full of integrity. The staff work really hard to promote your film and on top of that, they are even courteous! These qualities are very rare to find in the film industry today, and we look forward to doing business with Koan in the future."

- Ari Taub
(Director of "The Fallen")
- Seldon Young
(CEO of Nest Family Ent.)

"Before hiring Koan to represent our international licensing, we had tried several other strategies and agencies resulting in dismal performance that left international revenues essentially not contributing to our products' value."

"Koan has established itself with Go Films as the indispensable partner for distribution. They have the two most essential qualities that any producer looks for in a distribution company, efficiency and honesty."

- Adam Abel
(President of Go-Films)
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