The Sugar Creek Gang

Based on a series of books by Paul Hutchens, The Sugar Creek Gang movies chronicle the adventures of Bill Collins, Poetry, Circus, Dragonfly, Big Jim, Little Jim, and the rest of the residents of Sugar Creek. The movie series consists of stories taken from the pages of the book series as well as all-new original adventures. The five part series consists of the following episodes: Swamp Robber ' Bill Collins' relaxing afternoon at Sugar Creek turns into more than he bargained for when Poetry stumbles upon a disguise hidden in the swamp. The Great Canoe Fish ' Does the Great Canoe Fish actually exist? Or is he a two hundred year old canoe-sized legend? The gang packs their fishing gear and sleeping bags for a canoe trip to find out. Revival Villains ' Finally the first day of Sugar Creek's highly anticipated revival celebration arrives! But for some of the town's residents, the morning begins on a sour note' which leads to sour thoughts and the possibility of sour plans. Secret Hideout ' The gang races through the swamp only to stumble upon previously unexplored territory that leads them right into the middle of a mystery. Teacher Trouble ' Through a variety of events, the gang suddenly becomes the opposite of teacher's pets when the new substitute, Mr. Black, comes to town.

5 x 70 Minutes

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