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James Conner's childhood is destroyed in a flash of a single gunshot when his father (William Sadler,€œThe Shawshank Redemption”) is murdered by the town's psychotic saloon owner Will Tunney (Angus Macfadyen,€œBraveheart”) Fifteen years later James returns as an aimless bounty hunter, to claim the bounty on Will's head and reunite with his childhood sweetheart, Mary Cooper (Marnie Alton,€œLove On The Side.”) Will has become even more powerful and crushes James, leaving him for dead. When two Native Americans, Washakie (Michael Spears,€œDances With Wolves”) and Miakoda (Tonantzin Carmelo,€œInto the West,”) find James they challenge him to forgive and not seek vengeance. James must look within himself to release his past and not be ruined by it. A beautiful and stunning epic, Shadowheart is a haunting tale of lost love and revenge. "The best western since 'Tombstone'" - Peter Sherayko Western Historian

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