Piko's Island

Piko's Island follows six friends that live on a tiny island in the middle of a small lake. They spend their time quizzing each other with riddles in hopes of solving them. Each episode includes 11 different riddles. Piko the mouse and his girl friend Pika conduct the show and prepare most of the riddles. Baba Bear is an expert on stories and sounds. MacFly, the good-hearted crow, joins the crowd with his silly remarks. They ask each other educational questions of common knowledge from the background of world culture. The characters invite the viewers to join them interactively to answer each question, resolve each riddle, and to learn. Their days are colored by the arguments of Ali Getter, the ignorant alligator and Doremi the sailor mouse. At the end of every episode, they participate in their Island Dance and invite the young viewers to join them in the fun. Educational and entertaining, this series is a welcome addition to your broadcast schedule.

52 x 28 Minutes

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