Combat Report

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Their leader and West Point washout Lt. Dwight Dakks, the only one with specialized training is a field commissioned Army Ranger who has an attitude and a background to match. In a time before Green Berets, Seals, or Delta Force, and after surviving the bloody Banana Wars in Nicaragua and Panama during the 1930's, Dakks has continued to distinguish himself through the North African and Sicilian campaigns as a man who can go behind enemy lines and come back alive. France, 1944. Just two months after the Normandy invasion, based on intelligence gathered by the French resistance, Dakks arrives in France to accomplish the impossible. On orders handed down from Allied Command, Dakks has been assigned to Baker Company, and tasked by Col. Ira Dailey, to train and lead a squad of green but capable recruits on a mission that could change the course of the war. Based on actual events, Combat Report is a fast moving, hard hitting 30-minute action drama series set in the hell of WW II. A lethal, agile and flexible force, Dakks, and his men risk their lives to save countless others as they face each episode with an extraordinary mission. Each episode will transport you to the battlefields of France and leave you begging for more.

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