Church Ball

It's the last season of Church Ball and Dennis Buckstead (Andrew Wilson) has been asked by Bishop Linderman (Fred Willard) to leas the Mud Lake team to their Church Ball Championship! Dennis is determined to build a winning team, which includes nerdy church clerk Gene (Clint Howard), small-in-stature Charles (Gary Coleman), rebellious Mickey (Ross Brockley), donut-loving Don (Chad Long), weak-hearted janitor Thurman (Steve Anderson) and soccer-loving Nadir (Sina Amedson). This group of misfits is hardly championship-bound! In what is nothing short of divine intervention, Dennis turns a team of oddballs into a team of players who got game. The only thing that stands in their way is the Crystal Hills team, lead by the Bracken brothers (Curt Doussett and Larry Bagby), Dennis' archrivals since grade school. Will former NBA player Moses Mahoney (Thurk Bailey) and neighborhood recluse Jeremiah Jones (Stan Ellsworth) give Mud Lake the edge it needs to triumph over Crystal Hills?

91 Minutes

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